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The Linyi University School of Informatics formed the International
Time: 2013-01-16

Collaboration Office to further its outreach to foreign universities and to encourage students to further their studies abroad. Currently Linyi University has partnerships with universities in America, Ireland, India, Malaysia, and Canada.  These partnerships vary based on the desires of the participating schools but usually include teacher and student exchanges, guest lecturers, or long-term cooperative agreements.

The Collaboration Office is staffed with both international and Chinese teachers and administrators. Their current focus is on encouraging and helping students to study abroad. To accomplish this goal the office organizes presentations about partner schools, assists with applications, and tracks available scholarships. It is their goal that any student who wants to go abroad will be able to fulfill that dream.

This year’s events included:


·        Presentation by Segi University (Malaysia)


·        Welcome Back International Picnic

·        Start of English Corner

·        Second Annual International Halloween Party


·        Visiting administrators from French university


·        Visiting Lecturer from the University of Southern Mississippi (USA)

·        Second Annual International Christmas Concert

·        Exchange of Video Christmas Cards