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School of Informatics Hosts International Picnic
Time: 2013-01-17

The school year started off with a festival rarely seen in China, a picnic. The first annual Welcome Back International Picnic took place in the grassy area in front of the School of Informatics. International students and teachers from South Africa, Canada, Korea, America, France, and Spain attended the event. The school provided guests with homemade dumplings, janbien, and an array of vegetables. Students also brought many of their favorite dishes and snacks to share with their new international friends.

American and Chinese games were scattered around the picnics and tables for students to enjoy. Students eagerly spent their time trying to talk and get to know the international guests, and several lasting friendships continued after the close of the event.

“Our goal in the International Collaboration Office is to build relationships between nationals of different countries” said Vice-Director Ame’ Karoly.  “We want students to be curious about other cultures and eager to share about their own traditions. That’s how we’ll begin to further international communications.”