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China Got Spooky This Halloweeen
Time: 2011-12-10

On Halloween night, our foreign English teacher Ame’ Karoly helped the School of Informatics students hold a very memorable Halloween party. The room was decorated from top to bottom in many colors and traditional Halloween pictures such as a witches, monsters, and ghosts. Colorful lights made people think of a blazing inferno. A flaming jack-o-lantern sat on the welcoming table. Two students dressed as a god of death and a vampire stood on both sides of the table guiding guests into the party room. They made a great prelude to the event itself.

My classmates’ clothes were really funny. Someone dressed-up as a zombie, someone dressed-up as a mummy, and someone even dressed-up as superman. We looked like we were in a big monster party. I dressed-up as a masked killer with a shotgun in my hands. We all took photos and chatted together. Everyone was very happy.

When the party started officially, Ame’, who dressed-up as a cow-girl, and her American friend Jillayne Campbell, who dressed-up like a doll, appeared on the stage and lead students through many games. We wrapped mummies in toilet paper, bobbed for apples, and played musical chairs. If someone lost a game, they had to choose one cup of something to taste. They didn’t know what was in each cup, but the options were vinegar, cola, and saline water. Everyone screamed in laughter.

The games put the party atmosphere at a climax. We saved the soundtrack from Titanic for the finale. Two students re-acted the famous scene on the railing from the movie. We were moved by Rose and Jack’s romantic love, and felt the charm of English culture deeply. It wasn’t just a mask party, but a way to better our English communication.

Happy times are always short. We reluctantly took some last photos and had to leave. We will never forget that wonderful Halloween night.