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Employeement Guidelines
Time: 2011-12-09

Linyi University is currently recruiting Foreign Experts to teach oral English courses. Our teachers come from all different backgrounds and many different nationalities. Teachers deliver their lessons to a variety of majors ranging from Chinese Studies to the more obviously English Majors. This is a great opportunity for an individual or a couple to gain real-world experience in a collegiate level classroom in one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

Class hours are capped at 16 hours a week with weekends free. Additionally, Foreign Experts are provided accommodations, a monthly salary, language lessons (work schedule permitting), a per-semester travel stipend, and limited medical coverage. They are also provided with the opportunity to interact with the local community, government, and student body.

Living and working in this amazingly diverse and historic country makes for an experience that our Foreign Experts remember for life. If you are interested in learning more please send us a message and a member of our administration will contact you shortly!