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Admissions Guidelines
Time: 2011-12-09

1. Application Form:

Those who meet the application requirements for Linyi University should contact the LYU College of International Exchange to request an application form. They may also download the application form from the Linyi University website.


Address: 18 Tongda RoadLinyi CityShandong Province, China,

276005, College of International Exchange at Linyi University.

Tel. (fax): 86-539-2060281, 2060283




2. Application Materials

1)    The LYU international students application form

2)    Copy of education background certificate

3)    School report

4)    Copy of HSK certificate

5)    Health certificate

6)    Six recent color photos (3×4cm)

7)    Copy of passport

8)    Registration fee



1)    If the certificates provided are not written in Chinese or English, translation for these certificates by notary public office will be needed;

2)    Chinese graduate students do not need to provide their school report or a copy of their HSK certificate, as listed in parts 3 and 4 of Section 2, “Application Materials.”


3. Visa:

Applicants who are qualified to enroll will be given their entrance notice to Linyi Universityand the Chinese student visa application form (JW 202 form). The applicants holding the above materials and valid passports should go to the Chinese embassy to apply for student visas.


4. Enrollment:

When enrolling at Linyi University, the application must be submitted with:

1)    Enrollment notification

2)    JW 202 form

3)    Passport and copy


5. Application Deadlines:

1)    Prospective undergraduate, junior college, and professional/graduate students should apply for admission before May each year.

2)    Chinese graduate students must apply for admission by December 15 of the year before the spring semester in which they wish to enroll. For fall semester enrollment, they must apply for admission before June 15 of that year.


1. Enrollment and registration fee: 800 RMB.


2. Tuition:

9,600 RMB per year;

4,800 RMB per semester;

2,800 RMB for 2-3 months.


3. Accommodation Fee:

Level A: 320 RMB/month/bed, two-bed room of 25 m2

Level B: 640 RMB/month/bed, one-bed room of 25 m2

Level C: 800 RMB/month/bed, one-bed room of 50 m2




(1) Room includes: TV, refrigerator, air-conditioner, beddings

(2) Accommodation fee does not include: cost of water, electricity, phone calls


4. Food Expenses:

500 yuan RMB a month should be adequate