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School of Informatics

Dean : Dr. Zhang Wenyin, professor

Dean's office:86-539-8766322. 

Add: Mid Shuangling Rd. Linyi Univeristy , Linyi Shandong China


Fax: 86-539-8766320


The School of Informatics has a student body of 1400 and a faculty of 87. Among our teaching staff there are 4 full-professors and 22 associate professors, 15 of whom hold Doctorate Degrees.

There are four departments - computer engineering, internet & information engineering software engineering and communication engineering. In these departments, the School of Informatics offers five bachelor level majors - computer science and technology, software engineering, internet engineering, information engineering and communication engineering. Our associate degree programs include communication technology, computer application skills, software skills and computer net skills. We also have a Computer Training and Test Department which offers courses in computer application to non-computer majors.

The School of Informatics has up-to-date facilities and equipment available for students to use. In the Information Technology Experimental Center, there is a Software Engineering Lab which contains 12 software function labs, a Information Engineering Lab which has 11 function labs , and an Internet Engineering Lab which has six function labs.

Knowledge and skill are equally stressed in the classroom, and teachers encourage students to cultivate a habit of creative thinking and problem solving. In the past five years, students have won three first class awards and seven second class awards in the National Computer Skills Competition. The School of Informatics has established ten practice, training, and job bases such as CSTP, NIIT. Students can use these platforms to seek employment or begin their own company. The School of Information also has close connections with universities in America, India, Korea, Sweden, Ireland, and Spain.